Re: “Art High”

I just finished reading a new blog entry from artist Brent Fogt entitled, Art High.  I can relate to being overwhelmed by art critiques, historical and biographical facts about artists which can sometimes interfere in my effort to form an opinion about a piece of art that I am viewing for the first time.  I automatically make comparisons and contrasts to what I have learned which is to be expected but I often longed for those days when, as a child, I would walk into a museum and “see” a piece for the first time and be blown away.

Being away from the art community for so long and recently returning has renewed my artistic “inner-child”.  I am thoroughly pleased with the pieces Lisa Alembik has selected for the upcoming exhibition for the Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College entitled Four Years.  Each piece was on display in various buildings on the ASC campus but the visual and emotional  impact of having each one in the same building has been refreshing for me.  Seeing how the works relate  to each other or listening as my classmates and I prepare for our upcoming gallery talks has renewed my passion for the arts.

I feel as though I am seeing everything through fresh eyes and my appreciation for the effort, time, thought and passion each artist puts into each piece has made me want to do the same for the work I will be producing this semester for our senior seminar course.   Rather than being driven by due dates and “projects”,  metacognition has taken over and I am more focused on the process of creating and being  more aware of the how’s and why’s behind what it is I am doing while working on a piece.

I want to be aware of the “growth” of a piece from the blank canvas to the finished product.  It will require me to come out of my zone sometimes and step back and look at my drawings and make deliberate choices as to the next steps.  I see my peers doing the same and I know this is going to be a wonderful semester!

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